Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peak vs. pique

Specifically, as verbs.

peak (vb): to project in a pointed top; to attain a high point of activity, development, popularity, etc.

pique (vb): to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.)

So, one can say "My interest in R.E.M. peaked in the early 1990s, before Bill Berry left the band." And one can also say, "It was around this time, when I was coming out, that the Pet Shop Boys began to pique my interest."

Get it. Got it? Good. Now don't ever, EVER confuse the two in writing again, or I'll come after ya. It's said with love, pure and unconditional.


Anonymous said...

pique -- annoyance and anger, to be offended. Merriam Websters

So your interest is annoyed?

Uncle Spike said...

As you may notice, I am comparing verbs, not nouns. This is what people mix up most.

Is my interest annoyed? Yes. You have piqued my pique.