Monday, January 7, 2013

Shower spray? Yup.

Not to get all Pinterest-y and shit on all y'alls, but...well, I'm gonna do it.

In our household, it's mainly my job to take care of the areas of the house that are more water-prone (kitchen, bathrooms, outside), and Mr. Man handles more of the non-water stuff (exception: laundry, for which I am eternally grateful). This means, among other things, scrubbing the shower down every so often until I can spray water on the glass walls and see it cascade down clearly. No sudden parting of the waters by soap scum or anything. That damned pink mildew crap has to be gone, too. I've been making the homemade soft scrub with lavender castile soap and baking soda (and as soon as I typed that, the Pinterest-averse cells in me just shuddered), like I've done for years, and the stuff works, no question. But the whole act of scrubbing gets old. I've been putting it off more and more lately, and the shower has looked worse all the time.

So shortly before Christmas, I found this page on Pinterest, and gave the spray-on shower cleaner a shot. WOW. This shit really works. And no joke, I haven't been more excited about anything else since the new year started. I'm ALL about anything that makes housework easier.
I haven't seen the cascading water like I'd like yet, but these glass walls are clearing dramatically. And mildew HATES this stuff. Easy to make, and pretty green, too. (I've always been leery of the shower sprays sold commercially that don't list ingredients.)
Only downsides: I have no idea how the writer can claim that the bottle lasts 7 weeks, unless she's taking a shower in a stall the size of a postage stamp only every week or two. I refill mine about every 7-10 days. Then again, I'm going to town on this shower. Also, I'm making it extra strong (more vinegar).
As I typed this, Mr. Man came in and regaled me about his recent adventures entering the bathroom after I sprayed the stuff on and getting hit by a tidal wave of vinegar fumes. So if you're averse to vinegar, you may want to defer this job. But for me, a simple spray-down after each shower beats scrubbing soap scum any day. Besides, that's what fans are for.

Pinterest does have its place. As do its detractors. Bless.

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