Monday, May 16, 2011

Seel-yeh Beer-ghee-teh?

(Prompted by a college classmate's recent posting about the birth of her first daughter.)

If you're announcing the girl's name, and then you immediately have to post a pronunciation guide for both the first and the middle name, you FAIL. When your daughter grows up, she will harbor resentment toward you in a special place in her heart. Go back to baby-naming 101.

(Incidentally, what does it mean that I, who most likely will not have kids, have such strong opinions about baby names?)


Panda!!!! said...

This reminds me of a store near my house called okw. On the storefront sign, there's a phonetic spelling in parentheses. Funny how I cannot remember how to say it. Okoo? Ku-oo? Who-oo cares?

Uncle Spike said...

Panda! You exist! I was starting to hadn't updated your blog in ever so long. Glad to see you on here again.

Panda!!!! said...

Aw, shucks. I came out of the proverbial blogger's closet! Updates: